Kristin Walters {365}

Month: August, 2011

august 3 … 5/365

We love sidewalk chalk. Usually we’ll draw out all sorts of obstacles and games (fire, mud, spikes and alligators to jump over – can you tell the girls play Little Big Planet with their daddy?) – but yesterday, the girls wanted to do chalk outlines. I felt a little weird about it, like we were creating crime scenes or something, so I tried to draw theirs as gingerbread-y as possible (after all, it isn’t supposed to rain here for days, so we’re stuck with these a while!) Goofballs. But they had fun!



august 2 … 4/365

After dropping off the big sister today, we decided to try a park – despite the fact that severe weather was moving through the area. Armed with my iPhone, I kept an eye on the radar. It bypassed us with just a few little sprinkles. But of course, there were no other kids at the park in the rain. Every time a car would pull up nearby, the little one would say “friends are coming!!!” but inevitably, none did. Luckily, dad came home from his trip in the afternoon. She is a happy girl now!

Speaking of iPhones, I added this one to the (in)courage community photo project. I kind of love how these two cloudy semi-silhouettes turned out – which is rare, considering it was just the phone, and I usually only like the ones I take with the hipstamatic!

august 1 … 3/365

The big sister started school today…and this is the first time in her LIFE that the little sister has been without her. They did daycare together, we always travel together, she only recently started going to her own room at Sunday School. It’s a rough transition for this one, she sat on the floor and cried for a while today (daddy had also been out of town for a week, so she was feeling REALLY lonely). I keep telling her in just a few weeks her own preschool will start…but that is little comfort for a three year old who keeps saying “how many more minutes til we go pick her up?”

july 31 … 2/365

On the drive home from Grandma’s, we stopped at Split Rock Lighthouse in Northern Minnesota. The girls climbed all of the perilous 32 steps inside the lighthouse…on step #27 the little one got scared and tried to get me to go back down, but we forged ahead! There were about a billion wooden steps down to the lake, but the girls never miss a chance to throw rocks into the water, so of course we went. I made them promise I wouldn’t have to carry anyone back up. I was so proud of them for following through! And a little tired, because apparently they have the energy to RUN back up all the steps.

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july 30 … 1/365

We just got back from a visit to Grandma’s house…and for my girls, the weekend revolved around rocks. They saw a waterfall, several different Lake Superior bays, and a lighthouse – and at every place they went, their #1 priority was rocks. Pick them up, carry them around, and most importantly, throw them in the water. I love their fascination with the splash – the bigger the better. The round ones (like this one) were precious eggs, too important to throw. Well, for a few minutes at least.

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