The story of my (writing) life

by Kristin

I picked this blog out of my collection of just-barely-started WordPress sites because it kind of seems to fit. I started a 365 project in the summer of 2011, inspired by my budding new love of photography. I had Big Plans that were going to lead to amazing things like, who knows, maybe even my own little photography business someday.

That didn’t happen. As you can see here, my project only lasted 5 days.

My writing life has been somewhat similar. I’ve *almost* started blogging many times, and have had Big Plans for blogs and websites that were going to lead to amazing things, too – just like that photography business.

I’m really, really good at dreaming. Not so much at taking the baby steps. For example:

> I’ve had big dreams about creating a blog that talks about faith and creativity – stories about women like me, who connect with God through art journaling, or photography, or writing, or some other kind of handmade art.

> I’ve had big dreams about creating a blog that talks about infusing faith into everyday life with kids – going beyond bedtime prayers into teachable moments throughout the day that, while small, add up into big growth over time.

> I’ve had big dreams about creating a blog that talks about my own faith story and the hard questions I needed to answer before I could say yes to a relationship with Christ – because I want those answers to be out there for someone else who might be looking, too.

All of these plans…yet, despite my ability to crank out articles, brochures, website content, and more as a professional copywriter – so far, this blog has been my biggest success.

Yep, my biggest non-work writing success is five posts. About photography.

So, anyways, here I am today. I’m excited to be here, at the beginning of an adventure with the (in)courage Writer’s Group. I’m so glad that other people are part of this with me. And I hope to be celebrating a new record with you (more than five posts in one year, woo hoo!) by the time it is finished.

Wish me luck! :)